Ah, the sunrise in Socotra! It’s truly a sight to behold.

The first rays of light peek over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the dramatic cliffs and unique rock formations of the island. The Dragon’s Blood Trees, with their gnarled branches and crimson sap, start to emerge from the shadows, while the sky erupts in a symphony of fiery oranges, pinks, and purples

Here are some of the best places to catch the sunrise in Socotra:

Arher towering sand dunes : Relax on the pristine sand dunes and watch the sun paint the sky with vibrant colors as it rises from the Indian Ocean.

Haghier Mountain: Hike to the summit of the island’s highest peak for breathtaking panoramic views of the sunrise.

_ Farmhin forest of the Dragon’s blood tree

Diksam Plateau: Witness the sun rising over the dramatic limestone cliffs and canyons of this otherworldly landscape.

No matter where you choose to watch it, the sunrise in Socotra is an unforgettable experience that will leave you mesmerized. Just remember to pack your camera and capture this magical moment!